My placenta pills encapsulated by Fruit of the Womb were lifesavers for my initial postpartum period. I experienced the hormonal flush intensely in the first 2 to 3 weeks and taking the placenta pills would shift my emotional state and give me more energy. I wish I had at least a year supply! Working with Tamara at Fruit of the Womb was seamless and I was impressed with the extremely fast turn around, excellent communication, and door to door service. In my post-delivery haze Tamara was flexible and understanding. I highly recommend using Fruit of the Womb’s services!
— Stephanie 7/2019
This is way long overdue but I just wanted to thank you again for encapsulating my placenta. I truly feel like it gave my baby and I the best possible start and replenished my body what it had depleted in
creating this new life.
I had a pretty traumatic health scare when my daughter was 4 months old. Right before Christmas I had a biopsy and was told I had thyroid cancer and would need surgery to remove it with possible radiation that would put me in isolation for a few days. It was awful and really put me into a bad state. I had the surgery when she was 6 months old and thankfully (but frustratingly) the surgical pathology ended up being negative! The whole experience really put me through the wringer emotionally and physically. After a while I remembered I had leftover placenta pills in the freezer and they really helped me get back on track. So thank you again!!
And we are expecting another! A baby boy due April 23rd. I was wondering if I could book your services again for this placenta. I would be forever grateful!
— Addie 11/2016
In October, I received the placenta services from you when my daughter was born. In January I returned to work and the pills have helped me so much! There are days when I have no energy and a low milk supply, and I take the placenta pills a couple a day and feel so much better. I feel much less depressed and anxious when I have to be away from my daughter. My milk supply is off the charts, partly due to the fact I have an amazing little eater with her daddy’s appetite; but also because the pills have really made a difference. It was so nice to meet you, and sorry for the 6 month delay on this thank you note. The umbilical cord keepsake brought me to tears; to think I get to hold on to that piece of us, my daughter and I is just magical. You helped make the best experience of my life even better. Thank you for everything.
— Molly M. 3/2015
Thank you so much for the amazing service you provided. I believe the pills are working for postpartum. While tired, I still feel great and get stronger and more confident with mama hood each day. It is a gift and I am glad we found you.
— Stephanie 11/2014
Two weeks ago you both helped my family and I for the 3rd time! Your products, presentation & care just gets better & better! We’re so grateful to have you both and your beautiful business as a part of our births & family. If there are ever any more additions to the family, we’ll be sure to reach out to you. In the meantime, I’ll continue to spread the word of your wonderful business to Northern Colorado. So many thanks & a joy-filled 2015!
— Laura Elena 1/2015
I just want to thank you for the excellent service you gave me and my family. My baby’s birth did not turn out the way I expected (which should be expected!) and I ended up getting an emergency c-section after laboring for almost 30 hours. So I was really out of it for a few days afterward! And I really needed my placenta encapsulated! You guys made that so easy for us to accomplish. It was such a relief to have at least one thing go as planned. So thank you very much!
— Brittany 11/2014
I went through my package and I just can’t say enough about your service. I feel truly doted on by you and Kate and the packaging/presentation is just beautiful. Such a lovely keepsake!! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for taking care of me!!
— Terri 1/2015
We were unable to breastfeed again. However, the capsules 100 percent helped me with supply. I can not tell you how much they helped with my terrible PPD/PPA! I went from having 3 months of a terrible transition with my first son to 2 weeks with this baby! Also, when I would have serious anxiety in the evening, the placenta pills were great for helping me sleep. I am dealing with the disappointment over nursing. In time, I think it will sting but not hurt like it does now :) Baby C. is a little sweet heart. He has some tummy issues but is a delight. I would love for you to meet him. He is a kind and gentle soul. I will recommend encapsulation and you all to everyone I meet. Thank you for your care and concern and best wishes and blessings to you and your families.
— Janine 5/2014
I wanted to let you know that my postpartum experience has been SO nice and pleasant. I am happy and tear free each day! I am just so happy that I chose to do this with you, so thank you so much! This experience was night and day compared to my first child. working with Tamara and Kate was a pleasure, they were completely professional. I would highly recommend this to any pregnant woman who wants to enjoy her newborn experience without feeling the effects of the hormonal shifts that cause the baby blues.
— Natalie 11/2014
Thank you so much for your speedy service and wonderful product! I am so relieved to have something to combat postpartum negatives and enhance the positives...Both pills and powder are amazing and they definitely seem to be working! I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to using your services in the future! And, if you ever need some baby loving, feel free to contact me and snuggle my little I. Thank you again!
— Katie 7/2014
This was my most difficult birth and I really do feel that the placenta you prepared so lovingly for me helped me a great deal in my recovery. My husband could tell any time I missed my dose because my mood would flag. I weaned off of them as I ran out and felt pretty darn good.
— Mandy 3/2013
I know it has been 6 months since the arrival of C. but I would be remiss if I didn’t email you guys and tell you how impressed I was with the entire experience with Fruit of the Womb. From beginning to end you guys were amazing !!! With the help from my placenta pills I had amazing milk supply, healed quickly and overall felt great. You guys are the best and I will be back when baby number 2 is getting ready to make an appearance!
— Miki 9/2013
Thank you so very much for your service-prepared with such care/attention and love. I started taking the pills yesterday and I already feel less anxious - emotions now that seem to fill me are those of love and gratitude for the blessing of an addition to our family - a life that took many years and much uncertainty and dedication to make a reality.
— Erin 8/2013
I had been meaning to let you know (but time got away from me too quickly) about how thankful I was that we used the placenta pills last time. First, as we were leaving the hospital, we found out that all of the nurses had been talking about me because they were shocked at how much milk I was already producing. (They had me pumping because they were concerned I wouldn’t produce enough because our son was born three weeks early by c-section and I am over 30). Before I left the hospital (within three days), I was already pumping an extra 2.5 ounces beyond what he was taking (which was a lot because he was gaining weight fast!). I ended up successfully nursing him until I ran out of milk because of the second pregnancy (at about 14 months). I even noticed a surge in my milk production when I had to go back to work part time at around month 8 and I took some pills I’d saved for that purpose because I knew I would have to pump more.

Second, I felt a demonstrable difference in my mood as soon as I started taking the pills. It could have been the surgery or the hormones, but the first few days were a bit rough. As soon as I took the pills though, it was different. And when I got home, I didn’t go through the “baby blues” so many of my friends suffered through. In fact, the first several weeks we had our son home were absolutely blissful.
I cannot thank you guys enough for the service you provide and what it has done for our family. I am thrilled we will get to do it again this go around!
— Sarah 6/2013
I will continue to be a strong advocate for what you and your sister do. One of things that has me getting through these slower weeks is knowing that I will have my placenta encapsulated and the benefits I noticed the first time around to help with those first few weeks with a newborn and now a 2.5 year old.
— Bryana 5/2013
I believe the placenta pills helped me recover better and lessen the emotional roller coaster a woman feels after giving birth. I would not hesitate to encapsulate my placenta again. Tamara and Kate have provided top notch customer service!
— Maria 4/2013
I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the wonderful work you did with my placenta. The pills have been such a blessing during my postpartum recovery, and I really appreciate you throwing in the tinctures, too! My milk supply is more than enough, mood swings and emotions have been minimal and very manageable, and my high level of energy has allowed me to bond with my sweet new baby. I especially appreciate your care and attention to detail. I absolutely LOVE the prints and have one framed and hanging between two canvas wraps of Breck’s newborn photos in his room. I will cherish this forever, as it reminds me of what connected us in so many ways for all those months! Your service is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!
— Suzy 2/2013
Just a quick note to tell you my little guy is now 1 month (& i have s 2-yr-old) and I feel awesome. I know these pills are helping me tremendously- I accidentally forgot them a few days last week and immediately felt the difference. Hard to explain, but I felt unsupported, not strong & unclear while not taking them. I had the blues big time with my 1st and this time around is totally different. I thank you so much for what you do & I’ll continue to spread the word about your awesome work!
— LE 11/2012
I didn’t experience the major postpartum blues that everybody talks about and I attribute it to the placenta pills!! It feels like there was so much learning going on in those first few weeks for little L and myself... and so much nursing. An unbelievable amount of nursing, wow. It was nice not to feel emotionally unbalanced on top of and just enjoy settling into to the wonderfully humbling experience it is to be a first time mom.
— Jill 8/2012
I just wanted to say thank you again! It was wonderful to meet you and your help has been fabulous from the very start. I LOVE and am so pleased with everything! I only wish I had know about this with my first baby! I have already had wonderful results from the pills and just feel so thankful for your service!
— Jennifer 9/2012
Thank you so much for your services. I have been completely impressed and awed by your company from the very start, of you two responding to my email and phone call immediately and being so knowledgeable and helpful answering my questions about the pills and tinctures to your prompt delivery of the package after birth. That was one of the best baby gifts I received. It was so special opening all the packages that you put so much time into to make it unique, personalized and handmade. And all the extra touches you did in addition were incredible! Adam and I LOVE the placenta prints....what a great surprise. We are getting them framed and hanging them in the nursery. You two have truly added to such an amazing 1st birth experience. Elizah Dawn and I are so appreciative:) and for the most important part....I started taking the pills immediately and I feel AMAZING, I have more energy being a mom than I did before motherhood! Haha. And I am healing so quickly. (I even gave one to Adam as a “celebration toast” and he felt amazing that day too:) So, thank you again for going above and beyond and for all your care. I will definitely be recommending you to people.
— Brooke 8/2012
It’s been an amazing, but exhausting, first few weeks. I am now almost 2 months postpartum and seem to have gotten through it without experiencing the baby blues or depression. I believe the placenta pills to be a big reason for that. l also loved the beautiful packaging the pills came in...I could tell they were made and handled with care and love.
I will certainly get in touch if I have any questions in the future or for the next time I become pregnant.
— Kim 11/2011
I have had 7 children and this is the only time I have done the placenta pills. Mainly because I had never heard of it before. Even after researching it during my pregnancy I was hesitant. But thought I really didn’t have any thing to lose, just everything to gain. And I have to say it was such an amazing postpartum experience! I cannot thank you enough. It made such a huge difference from all of the other 6 recoveries. Placenta pills do everything you have stated and more! The energy I had was incredible, my milk supply was perfect, and I did not have an ounce of baby blues! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. So many people commented on how wonderful I looked and how well our family was adjusting to a new baby. And I truly contribute it to the pills! I have recommended placenta encapsulation to every pregnant friend I know. I really wish I knew about the process since my first pregnancy.
— Angel 2013
I have two amazing daughters and I was fortunate enough to have the knowledge to request my placenta after the birth of both my girls. My first daughter was born after a long, tough delivery and the woman who encapsulated my placenta did not get it back to me until I was well into my second week postpartum. At this time, I was having a major case of the baby blues, I was exhausted, I was well on my way to a severe case of mastitis and I was not bonding well with my girl. While those pills helped, I never saw the woman who handled placenta, I paid a great deal of money and I don’t believe I received the full benefit I could have. With my second daughter, I choose Fruit of the Womb to encapsulate my placenta. Tamara came to my delivery room hours after her birth. She not only was professional, she was genuine. She asked about my delivery and birth and showed love to my child, my family and myself. She made me feel like the beautiful, proud mama that I was at that time! The next day she returned with my placenta beautifully wrapped and encapsulated and presented in the most heavenly way. I also received a small keepsake box with my dried umbilical cord and a beautiful print of my placenta from when it was whole. I was able to start taking the pills before I was even 48 hours into my recovery. This second recovery has been worlds better, I have had no baby blues, no issues with mastitis or milk supply, my energy level was higher and all of this helped me to create an immediate and strong bond with my daughter. I personally believe that all of this is because of the benefits of my placenta. Tamara and her team are amazing, they take placenta encapsulation seriously and treat it as the miraculous gift that it is. They show you, your family and your placenta respect, love and honor. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who is interested in placenta encapsulation.
— Shannon
Thank you for the beautiful gift of preparing my placenta capsules- along with the tree of life prints and umbilical keepsake. The total package was a thing of beauty and really shows your caring and integrity in all that you do for your clients. I am certain that the capsules are assisting in providing a smooth transition into the postpartum period – I feel so good!
Your expertise, knowledge and professionalism combined with your sweet and gentle personality make your natural ability to counsel mothers on the benefits of placenta capsules – we will definitely be sharing your contact information with our other new mom friends.
— Sara
Thank you for your expedient and kind work. I appreciated the space and respect you provided in the dealings both at the hospital and at my home. I am very glad to have chosen placentapills.com!
— Trysta
I truly believe the postpartum transition has been much shorter thanks to the placenta pills! I felt myself stabilize around 10 days after having her - for what I hear from other moms, I think that is a blessing. Thank you so much for doing that for us! .... What a great thing - we feel blessed to have known about it and I really believe it has helped - thank you!
— Crystal 8/2010
I want to thank you again for the wonderful gift you gave me. I am 6 weeks postpartum and stopped taking the pills because my milk supply is abundant and I have kept the baby blues at bay. I will keep them for when I need a pick-me-up. I will suggest you ladies to all my pregnant friends. I think everyone should do this!!
— Monique 10/2011
I’ve definitely noticed a huge difference between the recovery time of between my two pregnancies and I attribute the majority of this good fortune to your services and the benefits of taking the placenta pills. We’ve framed the picture of the placenta ... it’s a piece of art that we’ll always cherish...thank you for providing us with it- what an awesome idea. ...
Thank you again for all that you do- I am a big advocate of “natural” medicines and I truly believe that your services are a true blessing.
— Susanne 2010
I am healing far faster than I expected and my friends who have had c-sections can’t believe how well I am moving at this point. My energy is great, I have been happy and have not experienced ANY ‘baby blues.’ I have to say, I do attribute a lot, if not all of this good fortune, to the placenta pills. I noticed their effect the most while I was at my worst in the hospital. They gave me energy as soon as I took them. At first I thought it was the percocet but the energy continued after I stopped taking the pain pills. I never had to take more than HALF the recommended percocet dose and was completely off them within a week. There was some pain when I stopped taking the pain pills but manageable. I still felt the anxiety/fright of having my newborn baby depend on me but I have not dealt with sadness, lethargy, detachment, any of the feelings I was scared I would feel. Anyway, that is a long way of saying I am so glad I took the placenta pills and feel strongly they have been integral in my physical and emotional strength postpartum. Thank you and your sister so much for providing this service!
— Alex 2010
I appreciate all that you did for us through this process. I really noticed a difference with taking the placenta pills. I could tell the days that I have forgotten it and once I had taken them I would feel better. Having given birth via cesarean I feel that the placenta pills help aid in my healing as well! It was a pleasure working with you and I also appreciate the additional tincture that you did for me. Thank you for all the additional ideas for the remaining placenta pills, I am still taking them when I am low on energy, since we are still not sleeping through the night they have been very helpful. I will be sure to pass along your name to other friends that are expecting!
— Liz 5/2012